Monday, June 15, 2009

From few years now India may not have goa beach.

One of the India's most beautiful beaches is the Goa beach.

One monsoon night in the year 2000, a 240 m long ship, River Princess, broke its anchor and got stuck ion cost . Since then it hasn't budged and the result? Twenty thousand tonnes of rusting metal, on Goa's beaches. This has led to an environmental disaster as these beaches are now almost on the verge of disappearing as the ship interferes with the natural movement of sand.

The Goa government has been accused for not taking any action to remove this ship. Now, 9 years later, just before this monsoon, the government seems to have woken up. The government is placing massive tubes, which they hope will serve as artificial sand dunes, like shock-absorbers between the land and the sea. Tubes cost Rs 6 crore.

The government even introduced a new law that enabled them to remove the ship.
They have permitted this to deliberately degrade and that is the shameful part.
But the damage is more widespread. Scientists say, while Goa thrives on tourism, the industry is also answerable for coastal degradation.

With no one to check its 100 kms seashore line sand dunes and plants on the beaches have been wiped off destroying much of the coasts natural security system.

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