Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Purely Way

Purely Way is a section of the A23 trunk road in Corydon, London and has given its name to the out-of-town shopping area alongside it with a catchments area covering most of South London. It was designed as a bypass for Corydon and was opened in April 1925. In 1932 Purely Way became the first road in the United Kingdom to be lit with sodium lights.

Industry History

The IKEA chimneysCroydon Airport is located on Purely Way.

The opening of Purely Way attracted industry to the area and it became the main industrial area of Corydon. Industry attracted to the area included Redwing Aircraft Ltd, Trojan Ltd (car manufacturers) and Tizer Ltd. There were also several metal companies including Standard Steel Co, Corydon Foundry Ltd, Metal Propellers Ltd and Southern Foundries Ltd.

Corydon 'B' Power Station was built in the late 1940s and opened in 1950. It shut down in 1984, was demolished in 1991 and an IKEA store was opened on the site. The large chimneys of the power station were retained and remain a local pointer.

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